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Diana Ng, aka the Labyrinth Lady, is the community leader who built the first outdoor public labyrinth in Metro Vancouver with the City of Surrey. Through this conversation you will learn the ins and outs of walking the labyrinth as a powerful technique of mindfulness.

The discussion kicks off by differentiating mazes and labyrinths as I got entangled by the resemblance in names and tales. As we go beyond the story of the Minotaur we delve more deeply into the different types of labyrinths. Our guest gives you tips and guidance on how to have an optimal rich experience as you walk it.

Diana talks about the community experience that becomes possible through the labyrinth. The integration of the experience is equally important and is addressed in the interview.

Tune in to this episode to add another tool on your journey of self-discovery.

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Technique/Practice for Direct Experience

Diana recommends that you visit to find a labyrinth near you.

Once you finish walking the labyrinth go to a private location and write very quickly what are your observations of the walk and yourself. You don’t want to stop and critic your thoughts or writing. After finishing this exercise review it to decide if there is a particular action you should be taking as a result of your insights.


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