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Join us for a conversation on inner child bravery as our expert Emily Eby ( helps you understand, process and integrate key events from your early life to access greater freedom and health.

You will enjoy the simple analogy between developmental stages of your life and the concept of Russian dolls. When you are facing a snag, communicating and working with the right doll can offer you a way out of a difficult situation.

What is the difference between anger and rage? Emily helps you distinguish the two and gives you tools to work through these states successfully and use them to your advantage.

To help you apply these concepts to your life, Emily gives us examples of inner child work through her personal work of love addiction. The concepts and examples shared go beyond the intellect and purely cerebral approaches to make lasting changes.

When doing inner child work and spiritual development it is important to create space for your growth. This involves being able to be raw, vulnerable, honest and caring with yourself.

Listen to this interview for insights and advice that has the potential to change the course of your life.

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About Our Expert

Emily Eby ( is a clinically-trained Master Healer and Intuitive Coach. She has always enjoyed navigating the depths of her own life as well as walking alongside others to help them face what scares them.
She is committed to helping people transform their lives by cleaning out the poison from the wounds that they've accumulated.
Emily does this by helping you reconnect with your body and your Inner Child. Emily's work is location-independent; which allows for her and her husband to be located wherever their little hearts' desire.
Emily Eby

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Pol Cousineau, CPA (Quebec) is a certified public accountant and shamanic practitioner hired by spiritual practitioners to help them secure long-term sustainability as they guide others through a process of spiritual and personal growth. Pol’s in-depth understanding of spirituality, technology and business places him in high demand for his unique ability to help spiritual experts, teachers and leaders grow rewarding businesses that stay true to their vision. Visit for his free training that will help you develop a compelling message and magnetic presence to serve more people.