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Jennifer Gilchrist engaged in a conversation on the Universe as a Guide. The fun start when she shares her experience of swimming with wild dolphins over 40 times. She realized that dolphins communicate through telepathy and their sonars first hand. It is important not to touch the dolphins or feed them as to honor them. Jennifer is a Soul Success Mentor and Speaker that includes angel communication in her personal and business life.

Listen to our conversation as we explore spiritual awakening and communication with angels. Angel means chief messenger of God. They help guide us when we are in a place of fear. Jennifer demystifies the aspects represented by the angels and whether or not it requires a particular faith to work with them.

When you listen you will also get advice on how to proceed when we are being triggered by fear. You will also get detailed guidance on how to start working with your angels as well as angel cards.

Tune in to our interview to discover the intersection of asking, intuition, intention, action and reflection.

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Interview Links

Jen’s Website: www.empoweredwomansleadership.com

Jen’s Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/enlightenedentrepreneurswithjengilchrist/

TLC Meditation Technique & Angel guidance introduction: http://empoweredwomansleadership.com/free-gift/


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