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I had the pleasure of exploring the topic of yoga healing meditation with Donna Sellers. Everything is connected which is why it is important to consider all of the aspects of your being in a healing process. Our expert Donna Sellers mentions in our conversation on yoga, meditation and healing that pain is a story. This means that the brain has a huge role to play in how we receive and deal with pain. The stories come from different patterns that we’ve created. By noticing our patterns, we can start to change our stories.

Yoga is yoga because of the breath awareness. When you remove the breath from yoga it is simply exercise. When you move while noticing your breath you deepen your awareness of what is happening for you in this moment. Meditation also allows you to do the same thing. By practicing moment to moment awareness in relation to your body you will see that the pain starts to change.

Our discussion includes how to cultivate and monitor the range of motions which feel safe to you. As our conversation evolves Donna shares on visualization, meditation and benefits beyond the physical body.

Listen to get an understanding of self-compassion and how to bring more ease into your life.

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