About Pol

Pol Cousineau, CPA (Quebec) is a certified public accountant and shamanic practitioner hired by spiritual practitioners to help them secure long-term sustainability as they guide others through a process of spiritual and personal growth. Pol’s in-depth understanding of spirituality, technology and business places him in high demand for his unique ability to help spiritual experts, teachers and leaders grow rewarding businesses that stay true to their vision. Visit http://thespiritualvoice.com/5-minute-makeover-to-serve-more-people/ for his free training that will help you develop a compelling message and magnetic presence to serve more people.

Energy Healing for All - Diana Perez - 0124

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER This interview with Diana Perez teaches you can do every day to raise your energy and have more influence over your emotions. Everyone is already using energy healing but you might not know about it. What do we mean by energy healing?


Current Energetic Movement - Edith Boyer-Telmer 0123

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER Reflect on the Current Energetic Movement through this conversation on morality, peace, fear and social events with Edith Boyer-Telmer. We start by touching on the Age of Aquarius, the women’s March and the numerology implication of the current time. The achievement of


Creating Beautiful Boundaries - Noelle Goggin - 0122

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER Boundaries’ impact on your relationships is undeniable which is why I had Noelle Goggin on The Spiritual Voice podcast to help us understand and create Beautiful Boundaries. We start off by exploring the perspective that boundaries as harsh walls or negative. This


San Dantian - Andrew Esposito - 0121

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER Learn to work with your body on your spiritual and personal journey as you connect with your three energy centers throughout typical life events as you learn about the San Dantian with Andrew Esposito.Everything connects to your body since you live a physical


Theta Healing - Anastasia Borta - 0120

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER Discover how Theta Healing can help you achieve personal and spiritual well-being, learn about it’s history and practice a guided manifesting meditation with our expert Anastasia Borta. Theta healing works with a divine power and divine energy regardless of your religion and


Initiation & Inner Awakening - Alma Perez - 0119

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER This interview on Initiation & Inner Awakening will fascinate you as Alma Perez talks about the development of powers such as reading blindfolded, healing through opening the heart chakra and help you understand a deeper meaning behind these abilities. The Inner Awakening


Dancing with the Universe - Calvin Correli - 0118

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER This interview on Dancing with the Universe, Love and Business is rich in content as we dabble in relationships, music, embracing our situation, minimalism, conscious business and personal examples of facing and releasing our fears with our expert Calvin Correli. We start


Energetic Allergy Healing - Kimberlie Carlson - 0117

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER Learn about energetic allergy healing, gain a broader understanding of allergies and how this relates to your personal and spiritual journey with our expert Kimberlie Carlson. Energetic allergy healing can benefit children and families, which is what got Kimberlie started on this


Transformational Wheel - Eleanor Healy - 0116

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER In this extended interview on the Transformational Wheel you will learn the steps and phases for moving towards greater expansion, integrating curve balls in your life and taking steps towards inner peace with expert Eleanor Healy. We start off by contrasting the


Body Harmonization - Bob Tucker - 0115

SUBSCRIBE WITH iTUNES SUBSCRIBE WITH STITCHER We present you a show on body harmonization that ties into your journey of ascension and physical balance with our expert Bob Tucker. We talk about the coherent stable language of geometry as well as the remote aspects of vibrational healing. This