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Boundaries’ impact on your relationships is undeniable which is why I had Noelle Goggin on The Spiritual Voice podcast to help us understand and create Beautiful Boundaries.

We start off by exploring the perspective that boundaries as harsh walls or negative. This posture has an inevitable impact on the love we can experience as well as in our interactions with others.

When they are made of the energy of love, it will create a radical shift in your experience. This prevents the words from sticking to you.  This is like the oil on the feathers of a duck which makes water slip off. I’m sure you’ll have a good chuckle when this analogy is brought into the mix.

All boundaries stem from the line between what serves us and what doesn’t serve us. The first step in improving them is defining our yes and no.

Start by identifying what isn’t working in terms of boundaries by looking at what causes you to be angry, irritated and unhappy. Then look for patterns and similarities between relationship with different people which have the same essence.

We talk about the inevitable balancing point in any relationship. There are times where you may want to make compromises, but will you be able to be happy if you do?

In this episode, Noelle guides you through a visualization and meditation practice for you to approach a challenge from a meditative state and to the light to shift old energy.

Listen to The Spiritual Voice Podcast Ep.0122 to enjoy a meditation for shifting boundaries and enjoying harmonious and satisfying relationships.

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About our expert

Noelle Goggin is a Soul Empowerment Mentor for those that don’t feel that they are enough or are somewhat ‘stuck’ in their lives. She teaches them to live in an empowered way, to believe in themselves and trust in life so that they can create lives that they truly love and bring their dreams and passion to life.

Noelle is a qualified Life and Business Coach, NLP practitioner, Reiki Master and an Intuitive Healer. She works with her clients in many ways to bring healing, release (unlocking limiting beliefs, forgiving your past, changing self-talk, shifting your energy, bolstering your boundaries and up-levelling your worth and feelings of deserving) and create lasting shifts.

Noelle had her own spiritual awakening in which she found much wisdom, life truths and practical tools that she helps others use in their daily lives, so they too, learn to create an experience that allows them to be their true self.

Connect with Noelle and access resources at .

Noelle Goggin

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Pol Cousineau, CPA (Quebec) is a certified public accountant and shamanic practitioner hired by spiritual practitioners to help them secure long-term sustainability as they guide others through a process of spiritual and personal growth. Pol’s in-depth understanding of spirituality, technology and business places him in high demand for his unique ability to help spiritual experts, teachers and leaders grow rewarding businesses that stay true to their vision. Visit for his free training that will help you develop a compelling message and magnetic presence to serve more people.