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Reflect on the Current Energetic Movement through this conversation on morality, peace, fear and social events with Edith Boyer-Telmer.

We start by touching on the Age of Aquarius, the women’s March and the numerology implication of the current time.

The achievement of peace requires developing emotional intelligence rather than an approach of opposition and fighting.

The show uses an example of your host driving into Chicago and his resulting experience of fear, insecurity and anxiety. Through this example, you’ll learn methods for you to respond to situations that trigger your survival instincts.

Listen to The Spiritual Voice Podcast Ep.0123 to learn more about the practice of the violet flame of transformation, how to tap into your inner alchemist, be empowered through your co-creative abilities and respond to the current energetic movement favorably.

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Edith Boyer Telmer had a very different approach to life than familiar to the collective around her. Born as an Indigo Child, highly sensitive and empathic person, she had a hard time finding her way. Thankfully the Angelic Realms made themselves very present to her at the age of 5, so she had always someone to rely on. After getting deeply hurt by feeling different and alone, her solution was to educate myself as much as possible about human nature, psychology, cultural diversity, artistic expression, emotional consistencies and personal differences in humans.

She started to trust her inner voice, the guidance from her own higher self, more than the opinions from the people surrounding her. Edith took classes to understand herself and her abilities more profoundly. Her natural connection to the other-world grew and when clarity and direction joined the team, it was time for her to share her gifts with the world.

In 2011 came to life, her official platform to share her path to higher vibration with others. In her blog articles, she shares spiritual insights, guidance and tools for peoples personal awakening. Her task is to support others in taking a deep look inside, to help them bring their authentic light into the world, and their soul’s desire into manifestation. In her personally designed One-on-One training’s, individually created Rituals and transforming Treatments, she lends a hand to everyone who desires to unfold their self-healing powers.

Edith Boyer-Telmer

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  1. cody March 14, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Edith is quite empowering. Her words strike a deep chord. Her fire gives us the sometimes needed nudge and her clarity gives us direction. A good combo.

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