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This interview with Diana Perez teaches you can do every day to raise your energy and have more influence over your emotions.

Everyone is already using energy healing but you might not know about it. What do we mean by energy healing?

One example of using energy for healing is through music which you can use to transition into a new emotional state.

When an emotion is triggered, you can practice staying present and aware as to what is occurring throughout your experience. This is followed by the understand of why an emotion is showing up and then seeing if you need and want to keep feeling this.

We share personal examples of facing emotions that we might not want to experience yet the final outcome is very enjoyable.

Another way is to use the energy of nature which can be enhanced by taking your shoes off and connecting with the plants and the earth. Sometimes our shoes and clothes can block the energy from what is around us.

Listen to The Spiritual Voice Podcast Ep.0124 to learn a light visualization meditation, to improve your ability to regulate your emotions and to apply simple ways to feel better through energetic techniques.

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Diana is an energy healer, Reiki Master and Coach whose purpose is to bring more love and positivity into this world. Having experienced post-partum depression was a wake-up call to learn about self-love, energy and mind-body, and soul healing, and now she shares this information with anyone ready to hear about it.

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Diana Perez

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