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This interview on Initiation & Inner Awakening will fascinate you as Alma Perez talks about the development of powers such as reading blindfolded, healing through opening the heart chakra and help you understand a deeper meaning behind these abilities.

The Inner Awakening program is a 21-day program for going through many stages of your spiritual awakening such as the stage of Completion. You go through past live and karmic experiences, open them and complete them.

The steps of preparation play a vital role in the outcome of the immersive experience. Once you open the door, all of this knowledge and information and healing happens very quickly and fast.

We talk about the four principles with which you can align yourself to set you on the path to be taken through rites of passages and initiations.

We talk about the impact skepticism and faith plays into the process of initiation and awakening. Once you start experiencing the transformation faith is not required because you know directly.

Alma discusses the process of opening the third eye and being able to read while blind folded. We then explore what happens after opening the third eye. We also discuss potential dangers and misuse of the powers.

You’ll learn about the bigger context of these processes in regards to the cosmic journey of your spirit or soul. This allows you to understand the deepest truth of yourself and purpose.

Then we discuss the initiation of healing through opening an energy center chakra which allows you to connect to source energy for cosmic energy to pass through you and heal others.

She talks about the importance of diet in which they aren’t allowed to eat anything that holds a muscle memory, including mushrooms and yeast.

Listen to The Spiritual Voice Ep.0119 to learn about the cultivation of powers, spiritual awakening, the transformative potential of immersive experiences and be inspired to pursue your journey of enlightenment.

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About our expert

Alma Perez lives in Los Angeles and was born in Mexico. She grew up in a Catholic household but has always been intrigued by mysticism and the occult. She began reading books on those topics at the age of 10 and learned to read the Tarot by 14.

Alma studied Wicca as a solitary practitioner at the age of 17. She played in a rock band for several years and recorded two albums. In 2014 she began following her Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda and met him in person last year when she attended his program Inner Awakening.

At Inner Awakening she experienced Kundalini Awakening and had her third eye opened and received several initiations. After returning from Inner Awakening she started a blog which she then turned into a full website and started her YouTube channel. In September of 2016 she launched her Etsy store.

Visit and connect with Alma through her website at

Alma Perez

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