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Learn to work with your body on your spiritual and personal journey as you connect with your three energy centers throughout typical life events as you learn about the San Dantian with Andrew Esposito.

Everything connects to your body since you live a physical existence which makes it important to embrace it if you want to tap into your higher self.

We contrast the 3 energy centers of this system with the chakra energy centers for you to better understand them.

The Dantians are literally electromagnetic fields created around the brain, heart and gut. Energy is stored in those places which we can tap into when we need it.

Andrew explains rituals which are things you do on a regular basis and that is part of your identity so that you can reflect on the activities which empower you. This starts with who you are and your beliefs.

At the San Dantien third eye it is about building your conviction. In the Jan Dantien it is about complete conviction and commitment into what you are doing and it must be done emotionally. In the Sha Dantiens this is where you are connected to the gut and where most of the work is done.

You’ll hear a story of Andrew’s childhood in which he conveys what he means by authenticity. Being authentic is a lack of self-judgement, lack of breathing, lack of cutting ourselves some slack.

Listen to The Spiritual Voice Podcast Ep.0121 to learn a practice for releasing the armor that shields you from your purpose, better understand how you can tap into your physically to connect with your higher self and gain specific means for being fulfilled throughout your life.

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Andrew Esposito lived someone else's life for 35 years. It took unemployment on the other side of the planet, in China, for him to realize that his life needed to change. After watching Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins on YouTube, which was illegal in China, he knew that he believed in their teachings; he was going to apply them to his life and to his business; and he was going to help others to do the same.

He worked for New Channel Int'l Education Consultancy coaching Chinese University students in both lecture and small group coaching formats. He came back to the U.S. in mid-2015 and since November of that year, he has been recreating what worked so well over there, over here.

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Andrew Esposito

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Pol Cousineau, CPA (Quebec) is a certified public accountant and shamanic practitioner hired by spiritual practitioners to help them secure long-term sustainability as they guide others through a process of spiritual and personal growth. Pol’s in-depth understanding of spirituality, technology and business places him in high demand for his unique ability to help spiritual experts, teachers and leaders grow rewarding businesses that stay true to their vision. Visit for his free training that will help you develop a compelling message and magnetic presence to serve more people.