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Discover how Theta Healing can help you achieve personal and spiritual well-being, learn about it’s history and practice a guided manifesting meditation with our expert Anastasia Borta.

Theta healing works with a divine power and divine energy regardless of your religion and spiritual views. It is approved as a healing modality in Japan and is currently used in 2 hospitals.

You will learn the history of Theta healing and discover examples of different ailments that have been reduced from Theta Healing.

Some people can have belief systems in which a disease can be serving them in achieving benefits in other areas of their lives. It is important to consider this whenever you are undergoing any process of change in your life. An example of this is with women that have had breast cancer which would unite their family.

Each person can have an active role in changing their beliefs which shapes their lives.

In a Theta Healing session, the facilitator is a channel that connects with the divine energy and asks for a limiting belief of the patient to be removed through transforming it in something more positive and empowering. It creates a form of holy trinity connection in which the patient always needs to agree for a change to occur.

Having an observing witness, such as the practitioner, is also part of the process which is compared to the observer principle of physics that it modifies an experiment.

You will also learn about the nature of beliefs and where they are held physically in our body.

Listen to The Spiritual Voice Podcast Ep.0120 to get the benefits of Theta Healing in your Life, learn about the planes that exist within you, do a guided manifestation meditation and uncover new paths towards greater well-being.

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About our expert

Anastasia Borta is a Theta Healer and Theta Healing Instructor, Dreamer and Visionary, believer in The Highest Good, and lover of Planet Earth.

She was searching, like many of Us, for answers to questions like: Who am I, Who is God, What is Life for? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why am I not happy? What's the point of All this?

Anastasia found the answers in the books of KRYON, Ramtha, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Amorah Quan Yin and others. Then she started to look for healing and workshops and had her own teachers until she reached a point where she could do this herself. She is having an amazing, exciting journey!

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Anastasia Borta

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